When I first walked down the side walk of London, I took in all the hustle and bustle of the people about. I faintly smiled to myself as I heard all of the British accents around me. I was only in London for five short days in January, but I knew I would be back. The atmosphere of London is intoxicating, people come from all over the world to try to get a glimpse of the royal family at Buckingham Palace, or to take a photograph inside a red phone booth. Although I did try both, I also walked through the modern art museum, and sat in front of a first edition Jane Eyre at the British Library. The short time spent here provided me with a desire to spend more time learning and exploring the depths of this culture.

Now months later, I am an American student studying abroad in London for the fall term. Balancing my classes and internship with Distance Travelled, I am trying to experience as much of London life as possible. Even though my time is half over, living in London still holds a sense of surreality that never quiet dissipates. When I first arrived, I was like a child returning to Disney World- wide eyed and wanting to do and see everything I hadn’t had time to do before. I felt it necessary to do all the tourist attractions associated with London, from hearing Big Ben chime at the hour to getting a city wide view of London atop of the Eye, I even toured Westminster and Buckingham Palace. As I passed through the crowded streets of tourists taking pictures on selfie sticks and stopping to watch street performers put on magic shows I began to crave the local culture that makes London so unique.

As I have found, each borough has its own distinct atmosphere that creates a vibrance within itself. There is so much life and possibilities I have yet to explore, and the short amount of time I have left won’t allow me to see it all, but in these last few weeks I will continue to explore and blog about my favorite art exhibits, the hidden gems, and all the must do attractions in London this coming Christmas season!


Yours truly,