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My friend, Sarah Hickson is a London-based photographer whose life is immersed in travel & culture. Her images are stories from photographic projects and assignments from around the world. The London Bridge Apartment, otherwise known as “The Culture Pad’, charms, from the moment of entry. It is a carefully curated space that holds memories and artifacts of her enviable, travel-filled life.

Sarah is making a difference in the world. Follow her as she spends her time and her talent to highlight and raise awareness of the desperate plight of displaced people, and be inspired by the dignity and beauty she captures, regardless of circumstance or location.


Recent Projects


‘The Jungle’ Refugee Camps in Calais & Greece

Festivals in North & West Africa

Exhibitions in NY-USA & Ireland

‘The Jungle’ Calais

Displaced Connections

Taragalte Festival

Alien Landscapes

Landscape Photography

Portrait Photography

Morocco Desert Festival Performers


Festival In The Sahara 

Every year, Sarah is invited to photograph the Taragalte Festival. A celebration and revival of the “Moussem” (an annual gathering of more than thirty tribes from southern Morocco and other parts of Northwest Africa)  from the early days when the caravans were still travelling from M’hamid to Timbuktu. The role of the caravan was not only trade but also a unique opportunity for cultural exchange.


Sarah’s passion for photography grew as she started to travel in her early twenties. Later, she began to consider photography in the context of performance, drawing on her experience of working closely with artists as a producer & manager.


Observing artists on & off stage, rehearsing, performing, relaxing.“I love to immerse myself in a project over a period of time & to reveal new visual narratives”.


“I’m interested in exploring movement, texture & spontaneity in my images & prefer to work with the available light – outdoors or indoors –  allowing the light conditions to contribute to the atmosphere of the picture”.

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