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Sarah Hickson

The artist who owns London Bridge Apartment is a London-based photographer whose life is immersed in travel & culture. Her images are stories from photographic projects and assignments from around the world. The London Bridge Apartment, otherwise known as “The Culture Pad’, charms, from the moment of entry. It is a carefully curated space that holds memories and artifacts of her enviable, travel-filled life.

Sarah is not a “Born&Bred” Londoner’, she describes herself as originally being a North of the River person. She moved from the ‘suburbs’ to London and settled in west London for a decade before moving to Paris which was home for 6 years.
“It was while I lived in Paris that I decided to buy a place in SE1- I was drawn to its great location, the wealth of cultural offerings at my doorstep, Its proximity to the river and excellent transport links”
“I’ve always enjoyed the buzz of big cities having grown up in the suburbs and London was an obvious choice for my work, which initially was as a project manager and producer in the performing arts. Now, as a photographer, I travel more than ever and being based in London makes that so much easier.”

Sarah’s passion for photography grew as she started to travel in her early twenties. Later, she began to consider photography in the context of performance, drawing on her experience of working closely with artists as a producer & manager – observing artists on & off stage, rehearsing, performing, relaxing.

“I love to immerse myself in a project over a period of time & to reveal new visual narratives. I’m interested in exploring movement, texture & spontaneity in my images & prefer to work with the available light – outdoors or indoors –  allowing the light conditions to contribute to the atmosphere of the picture.”
As a consummate storyteller, the otherworldliness of her images couldn’t be more poignant than in her work with the ‘Migrant’ humanitarian crises unfolding in Europe. In particular at Calais, where she photographed the musical collaborations between UK musicians and musicians living in the camp. She portrayed the stories of these displaced people whilst the tracks were recorded in a fragile wooden shelter covered in blue tarpaulin, billowing noisily in the wind.
An album of tracks was produced called The Calais Sessions. Featuring tracks recorded in a makeshift studio in the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais since September 2015, led by the cellist Vanessa Lucas-Smith, the creative talent behind The Calais Sessions. There’s raw Syrian folk song, an Ethiopian gospel lullaby, Sudanese drumming, infectious Afghan pop, a Bollywood-inspired collaboration, and poetic ‘mawwal’ improvisation.
“I’m very proud to have been part of this extraordinary project, and to have helped to share the music, the voices and the stories of some of the displaced people who ended up in the Calais ‘Jungle’ having fled their homes in Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and elsewhere. Their music on this unique album reminds us all of our shared humanity and the need for our stories to be told and shared”.
Check out Sarah’s beautiful images here

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