It was 34 degrees C when I arrived late in the evening at Nana’s place. My childhood memories of growing up in Accra, recognised shadowy watchmen who opened the gates silently to welcome me.

That first night Nana and I talked till 3am drinking cardamon coffee.  In the morning I woke up to the sound of birdsong and the smell of Frangipani flowers.

I was home.

Interior Styling

Accra-based interior designer who spent her early years living in Sydney Australia, Italy and the Uk. She has a design business specialising in African finds that offers only the kind of sumptuous artisanal homewares she uses in her own architecturally designed house in Ghana. Nana regularly meets with dealers to source shapely Zimbabwean baskets, hand carved Malian jewellery boxes, raw-edged traditional drinking bowls, handblown glass vessels from the eastern region famous for glass beads in luminous emerald and cobalt, raspberry silk cushions  and antique armchairs upholstered in African fabric.

We are honoured to collaborate with Nana on our course in African Interiors and Design – past and present.

Nana's Design Palette

African Art

According to the Uk’s Financial Times, “African Art is the Future” This is a market where masterpieces are still available. Join us and Nana as she shares her passion and knowledge of the art world in Accra and takes us on a tour of the latest and greatest galleries that have sprung up to showcase the emerging scene.

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As far as the art world is concerned, all eyes are on Ghana and Accra in particular. A plethora of galleries and initiatives have taken residency in this bustling African city. We are excited to collaborate with Nana and bring something of the colour and flavour of Africa in our selection of products made locally by hand. 

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