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Mick Lindberg

This month’s London Artist | Mick Lindberg

“To make living itself an art, that is the goal”…Henry Miller

The best introduction to Mick Lindbergh is to quote the words of Henry Miller, “To make living itself an art, that is the goal”.  You only need pay a visit to where she lives and works, to experience full immersion into her artistic sentiment.  The home/studio in West London that she shares with her photographer husband Arun, reflects her ‘absolute spirit’ both through her work and the objects she surrounds herself with. Everything about Mick is perfection of form and a celebration of beauty.

The kitchen table, dressed with an intricate ‘Kantha’ quilt and a vase of explosive blue flora, makes a pleasurable back drop to being served home made blueberry jam in ceramics so beautiful.  You feel with Mick that there is such an abundance of beauty in the world, its transformative power is tangible, able to change the lowliest utilitarian objects into smooth, hand carved and cedar wood scented.

A native to Sweden, Mick learned at a young age with help from her mother and grandmother how to love and to cherish materials and objects that carried with them familial meaning and stories. They taught her how to see value and the restorative techniques passed down to them from past generations. Sewing is first nature to Mick, not only is she an innovative textile artist, but she is talented in every aspect of art she delves into. I asked her for one word that would define her ability as an artist and she chose ‘curiosity’

She is curious enough to not be concerned about perfection and she is skilful enough not to be hampered by technique. So what emerges from Mick’s work is a  powerful distillation of mastery and exploration…

“Stitching is slow happiness. I never throw out fabrics, I love recycling, I like the story.” 

Last year her fabric paintings have received a lot of attention, Mick had an incredible sell out exhibition at Anthony Hepworth Fine Art Dealers Ltd. in Bath on 17 August – 3 September 2013. Deirdre McSharry, the acclaimed cosmopolitan editor  – covered the exhibition in a piece for the Bath Chronicle.   In the article Mick tells of the birth of panels originating from work at a residency in Tanzania. This November she has been invited back for another solo show starting on the 14th and running until 12th of December.

At Gibbs Farm  she worked with local Masai and Iraqw women and together they created a series of portraits – the Tloma Portraits – and in so doing created a sustainable income for a few local women through the use of local materials to readapt, recycle, reshape, revive the traditional skills of hand stitching, and to pass on knowledge to the benefit of the local community.

On her return to London, she continued to make appliqué panels with remnants from the collection she made from Kanga cloths a few years before. Whats interesting is that Mick never plans the paintings before hand, she lays out the pieces in front of her and the portraits emerge as they want. Sometimes she has a vague idea of who she wants but then something, or rather someone, completely different emerges and try as she might to control it she can’t change the result. ContinuedMick Lindberg | Part 2


Available to Order: A book of prints of Mick Lindberg’s stitched portraits 

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