The Journey

When she opened her beautiful Victorian home in London to guests in 2012, Distance Travelled was born. She soon began representing other creatives who also wanted to open their unique homes to guests, offering meaningful travel experiences for guests and hosts alike. Her mission is to connect a community of creative home owners and like-minded travellers who want to be inspired and transported. The Distance Travelled experience is all about presence, and simply enjoying the journey.



The Story

With a background in fashion and textiles, Lydia started out over 25 years ago selling handmade shoes and clothing from Ghana at the famous Portobello Road Market in London. Her focus on traditional craft and design led her to travel the world, fuelling a passion for the relationships between people, story, place an object.


Nurture Mind, Body & Spirit

Lydia is also a health coach, approaching ageing and physical health with the same creativity and detailed focus on the individual experience that she applies to Distance Travelled. Lydia shares her health expertise with guests through workshops and dining experiences. She invites all her homeowners the opportunity to share their crafts and wisdom with guests. from collage and weaving to botanical skincare and storytelling. Guests have the opportunity to find moments of mindfulness and connection within their travels, to express and explore early, present and future selves.

Autumn Playlist 2018


The objects we collect on our journey through life, hold our memories. They serve as props in the stories we tell of where we’ve been, who we met and the experiences we’ve had.  True ‘Keep Sakes’ – they stand silently along side us carrying our history and passing our stories on to others and to the next generation.




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Beauty beyond face value

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