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The layered story of a woman’s world is the definite thread running through Mick Lindberg’s work. A self portrait or perhaps the celebration of  life through the lens of her own journeying in reality or dreams.

I’m interested in the fusion of cultures; the overlap of folk designs, the juxtaposition of people, place, parable, the stitching of ones story“.

In her 1998 ‘Displacement Series’ of portraits, using the vintage printing method of photogravure, Mick lifts the portrayed out of the context of the original photograph and layers them onto a different geographical and textural background. The photographs are soft and impressionistic, blurred and dreamlike, allowing us to better imagine a multi layered life more than a sharp and uniformed image does.

Captured and embroidered on the back of a dress  included in Anthony Hepworth Gallery’s ‘An Eclectic Eye VII’ exhibition, are the words from a Swedish poem…

‘What comes tomorrow’  Edith Södergran

“What comes tomorrow? Perhaps not you. Perhaps another embrace and a new touch and a similar pain… I shall leave you with a knowledge like no other: I shall return as a part of your own pain. I shall come to you from another heaven with a new resolve. I shall come to you from another star with a same glance. I shall come to you with my old yearning in a new features. I shall come to you a stranger, evil and faithful with the footsteps of a beast from your heart’s far-off desert home. You will fight me, hard and powerless, as you would fight your fate, your happiness, your star. I shall smile and twirl silk threads around my finger and the little spool of your fate I shall hide in the fold of my dress”.  

Dress-VerseMick’s book of prints and clothing are available here

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Extracts from Mick’s Journal (Tanzania Dreaming)

“Entering the local fabric shop, with all the bundles of cloth, so many colours and vibrant patterns to choose from…made my heart spin in total delight.”