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Gemma Hannah

Owner of ‘Sage House’ – London and Berlin, Gemma Hannah encourages guests to explore life’s transitions through story telling workshops and invigorating natural skincare courses.

Sarah Hickson

Sarah Hickson – London-based photographer working in the performing arts, reportage and travel. Her images are stories from photographic assignments and projects around the world.

My 4 Months in London

Reflecting on my past three and a half months in London, it has been an unforgettable experience that I will remember forever!

A World of Objects

  We surround ourselves with objects that speak both of beauty and form, reflections of our humanity. But inspire of the utilitarian aspect of these objects the beauty expressed by them speaks of our peculiar need to create objects that inspire us to the higher us. In...

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The London Particular

The London Particular is one of those uber cool cafes set up by fearless pioneers. Who brave it out on the edge, squeezed inbetween a chip shop and a chinese take-away. We love a mixed use of local high street, enjoy before full gentrification takes place. 399 New...

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Hand Stitched For Us | by Mick Lindberg

A beautifully hand stitched Monogrammed panel was given as a present for the Telegraph Hill B&B by Mick Lindberg. Mick can wield her needle to make almost anything. We are privileged to have a number of her pieces  from her clothing label 'Moth', available to buy and...

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Le Chandelier

A little way on from the bustle on Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, sits Le Chandelier Tea Room… Probably one of the most comfortable and stylish places to have a cup of tea in London.

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In search of mastery

  An incredibly beautifully shot film | Trailer: Being in the world by Italian-American film maker Tao Ruspoli IN SEARCH OF MASTERY Searching for skillful, practicing, craftspeople has led me on a journey to discover ‘unknown unknowns’. A brave new world of inspiring...

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